For a while I have been wrestling with ideas on how I could get our bikes out of my usable garage space and Floaterhoist has proven to be an excellent option. OVERALL RATE 5 / 5​

  1. Ordering and Delivery. As a Canadian customer it was not obvious how/if I could order using CDN $$ so I called Andrew and he not only facilitated my order in CDN but he also gave me a better price than I would have gotten if I ordered in USD and let my credit card convert to CDN. Delivery was fast and free. RATE 4.5 / 5

  2. Product Quality. These hoist are sturdy and lightweight. They do not feel flimsy in anyway. Because I was hanging them above my cars I was concerned about the rope locking mechanism but they work very well. I purchased longer screws for mounting because I was going through drywall over studs and I wanted something a little longer (probably not necessary). RATE 5 / 5

  3. Installation. The installation process can be a little tricky and aligning 3 of them gets difficult. It is a 2 person job that requires lots of measuring and re-measuring if you are fussy about alignment but it is not physically demanding. It would have been useful to have pre-marked locations for the fasteners for 16” studs and 24” studs etc. RATE 4 / 5

  4. Ease of Use. These hoist are easy to use and they work great. RATE 5 / 5


"Your customer service is incredible! Great service, AWESOME product!! I hope you sell millions of these!"


"I'm pleased to report that the Floaterhoist has been a hit here. The HOA approved it as our official method for bike storage in our shared garage." 


"I am truly grateful that I got them as they save huge space."


"The superior quality and ease in which the floaterhoist was installed make this bike hoist the BEST on the market there is NO comparison."


"I installed the Floaterhoist last week under my backyard overhang cover and it works great."


"Glad to get the bikes off the ground in a horizontal position! :-)"


"Practical and quality product. Your customer care is an example to follow, thank you!"


"This was installed on a balcony of a building, with just over 1.10 meters in width. Serves to store and to lubricate the bike...It is PERFECT to me!" 
Note: this installation does not meet our recommended clearance requirement. Ricardo is able to operate the hoist through his sliding glass door.


"The reason I was so interested in your product was because I wanted to utilize the space above my garage door. I'm very pleased with the final results."

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